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The UK's ONLY Personal Training Clinic, training members of the public whilst you qualify to leave ready and confident to earn immediately after you graduate.

A bespoke curriculum designed for the modern-day freelance Personal Trainer including business training to ensure your success as your own boss..

Lifestyle coaching certification to help you stand out and ensure sustainable results for your clients


No longer just a gym job

Be your own boss

Become a lifestyle coach

Make a real difference

Build a business

Create a better work-life balance


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    Personal Trainer Courses - How to Become a Personal Trainer


    We are a nationally and internationally recognised provider of Personal Trainer Courses, approved by the European Health and Fitness Association (EHFA), Active IQ, the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM). We have been delivering UK recognised <strong>personal trainer courses</strong> and taught many students <strong>How to Become a Personal Trainer</strong>, since 2005 and have considerable prior experience delivering Personal Trainer Courses in Australia, and Personal Trainer Courses in Europe, bringing an international flavour to our personal trainer course delivery. We are the UK's only residential School of Personal Training offering exclusive personal training courses to qualify in fitness. With graduates all around the world and throughout the UK we offer a unique approach to personal training course education graduating only relatively small numbers of graduates every year on our personal training courses, properly prepared for their  journey ahead. Our residential school is conveniently located in the heart of the UK, easily accessible via motorway or train with full accommodation on site. The school offers a 5 star residence and 5 star education to match. The European Institute of Fitness has been delivering personal trainer courses for 10 years and had refined its approach over this time to offer the most comprehensive and practical-based curriculum in the UK. Getting away from distractions is a wonderful way to undertake a Personal Trainer Course offering the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the experience that will leave you ready and raring to embark on your new chosen Personal Trainer Career. The idyllic setting and relaxed atmosphere on-site provides a non-intimidating and focused way to retrain and enjoy the experience. This makes our courses one of a kind in the industry. Everything you need is on-site with classrooms, our own gym studio exclusively for our students and, of course, the great outdoors all on your doorstep.


    We don't just offer any old personal trainer courses but provide a unique way to master your new trade. Our personal trainer training offers an immersive approach to qualify as a personal trainer. Whether you choose to study full time or part time all our UK personal training courses have an immersive experience included. Our 4 wee fast track is exactly that, 4 weeks fully immersed in a full time course here at our residential school. Our online personal trainer course has 2 weeks at our residential school of personal training but with 10 weeks home study before you attend. The reason we don't have an online-only option or a home study programme with only one or two weekends with contact with tutors is that our goal is for you to actually be a personal trainer. That is whilst you can qualify i.e. get a certificate saying you are technically qualified as a personal trainer without substantial face to face technical training we don't believe you would have a good chance of ever being one earning your living from personal training.


    Our 4 week personal trainer course ensures you become a personal trainer - FAST


    Our 4 week super fast track to become a personal trainer course offers a fully inclusive residential personal training course for those with no formal background in fitness looking for the ultimate way to move from fitness enthusiast, and Become a Personal Trainer in the shortest possible time. This personal trainer course runs Monday to Friday from 8.30am plus evening Personal Training Clinic and Saturday 9am to 4.30pm. Investments includes all materials, registrations with REPs and NRPT, no additional assessment charges, no resit costs should they be required, no daily commutes, no car parking charges or any other hidden extras. This is a fully taught personal trainer course with no online study.


    Our online personal training course


    Our online personal training course is for those unable to study full time, this course offers the full flexibility of home study without the compromise associated with distance education including a 2-week residential practical element to our courses for those all-important practical skills. This personal training course allows students study on Saturday mornings (9am-1pm) or two weekday evenings (7.30pm-9.30pm) with the requirement of a further 4 hours private study per week before attending their Practical at our residential school of personal training offering greater flexibility but without losing the benefits of tutor-led learning and practical face-to-face training.


    Our Master Trainer Personal Trainer Courses - The Ultimate Way to Become a Personal Trainer


    Our Master Personal Trainer Courses have empowered students to enter the workplace and excel as Personal Trainers since 2005. We are able to incorporate far more content than other relatively short courses due to the fact we are and have always been a residential personal trainer course. This enables students to eat, sleep and breathe personal training by getting away from the distractions of everyday life to study with like-minded people at our School dedicated to Personal Trainer Courses. We have our own facilities ensuring maximal practice opportunities and incorporate a fully functional Personal Training clinic experience into our courses to ensure all graduates leave feeling confident in their abilities. This non-intimidating and supportive environment enables those truly interested in helping people change to excel regardless of the level of "gym" experience they may possess. In 2011 we added a post-graduate personal trainer course to develop the 'Coaching' skills of Personal Trainers. This ACSM endorsed personal  trainer course designed to plug the gap between Personal Trainer Courses and Life Coaching was integrated into our Master Trainer award in 2013. In an industry flooded with poorly trained Personal Trainers and less than 15% practical-based Personal Trainer Courses in general, there is an increasing need for trainers to provide time efficient and affordable solutions for their clients, and so our Coaching arm has become an integral aspect of our graduates' businesses and subsequently we now offer an International PT Diploma certifying students as a Fitness &amp; Motivation Coach not just Personal Trainer.


    Our unique Personal Trainer clinic - Helping you learn How to Become a Personal Trainer


    Our unique Personal Trainer Courses offer professional skills training developing not only great skills but inner confidence and the all-important customer service element essential to stand out and attract clients. This is why our graduates are more successful when they leave. No other experience prepares you better than training real PT clients in a PT studio environment. Regular feedback and reflection ensures trainee errors are ironed out well before it counts, with your own clients! Make sure your first paying Personal Training client isn't really your first client and doesn't receive novice personal training but a professional and refined session because you already have 15 hours of Personal Trainer Course experience under your belt before you start. Our Personal Trainer Courses are the only personal trainer course with a student PT clinic. Our online personal trainer course offers LIVE and interactive online training to ensure no learner is left behind! Our live online eClasses can be accessed from wherever you have an internet connection. These live tutor-led sessions offer the chance to interact as you would in a regular classroom, but in a way that fits in with your busy lifestyle. We offer the exact same curriculum with the same levels of support as our residential 4-week residential, but with the flexibility of studying from home. For those choosing the more flexible 10 week online + 14 day practical option you will attend live weekday evening eClasses before 14 days onsite covering more practical content than many other personal training provider's cover on their face-to-face programmes. All live online sessions are recorded in case you miss or need to replay a session to revise. Our online programme in unlike any other online course ensuring student success. Personal Training has become little more than glorified baby sitting with poor earning potential and little differentiation from the traditional gym instructor. You must therefore avoid instructor-like training at all costs! It is today almost impossible to stand out in an increasingly competitive industry unless you do. To avoid the high dropout associated with instructor and regular gym trainer roles we recommend avoiding 'ordinary' ways of qualifying as a PT ignoring claims all you need is your REPs 3. We offer courses that are completely different to create a new career in fitness and help you shine as a competent, confident and successful Personal trainer. Of course we include your REPs registrations and of course you are insured via our partners at NRPT for everything you learn with us. We are the original fast track provider helping students develop careers in fitness since 2005...we train students at our residential school because it's simply the best way to ensure success. Without an intensive and comprehensive training program you will possess a qualification that says you are a Personal Trainer but will lack the confidence to recognise you actually are one.


    There are many ways to qualify on a Personal Trainer Course


    There are many ways to qualify as a Personal Trainer but you only need to find one. The one you choose needs to provide you with the hands-on practical training and continual support after you finish to convert your commitment and hard work on your Personal Trainer Course into a viable new career as a Personal Trainer and with the European Institute of Fitness, a Fitness and Motivation Coach. Warning: Most courses over assess and under train their students forcing them to continually jump through regulatory hoops, which has become the norm in the UK's tick-box approach to education. We run a completely different system with minimal exams replacing unnecessary assessments and academic assignments with personal support and practical-based on-going assessment. Our curriculum and style of delivery has been refined over the past 10 years bringing experience around the world to shape our unique and purpose-built Personal Trainer Course. The Gold Standard in Personal Trainer Education. We are probably not your easiest option, but your best chance of success! If you are looking for a personal training course that delivers, call our team today.


    WHY CHOOSE EIF Personal Trainer Courses?


    OK so there are different claims and confusing information about how best to get qualified, what level to train to and how best to proceed. Here's our claim in a nutshell.


    Why Residential Personal Trainer Courses?


    There is simply no better way to retrain than intensively putting aside your life as it is for 4 or 2 weeks and immersing yourself in a training experience that not only accelerates your knowledge and skills as a Personal Trainer but as a Fitness &amp; Motivation Coach. You will leave absolutely ready to embark on a new career as a reputable and successful fitness professional. We recognise commuting daily to a near-by centre is far more convenient and potentially more affordable in the short term. That said the daily commute, car parking not to mention lost time in transit come at a cost. The advantages of attending our residential school means once here everything is on your doorstep. The classrooms and gym studio and grounds help you lose yourself in the experience with accommodation all provided minimising the need to do anything other study, train and enjoy being here.


    Why our Unique Tailored Personal Training Course Curriculum?


    We cut to the chase and offer specific and applied fitness education every day helping every student embrace the experience and grow into the role of successful Fitness and Motivation Coach and EIF Master Trainer. (advanced personal trainer courses) We avoid the more common modular approach picking up credits as you learn to contribute one day being qualified and instead offer a coherent one stop shop to gain the very best fitness education in the world. Our integrated approach links topics together saving time and so packing much more in. For example the same fundamental anatomy and physiology underpins advanced programme design, functional training and sports as well as specific populations. As all students study the entire Personal Trainer Course (not individual modules) we cover anatomy and physiology just once applying it straight away to programme design, functional training and specific populations. Our success rate in terms of course completion is almost 100%. Student transition into the industry is tremendous and our graduates are not alone. Our dedication to ongoing student success is unrivalled. Our PT clinic offers an opportunity for our graduates to start as experienced professionals not new recruits finding their way. Clients only buy personal training from confident and experienced trainers. Get ahead from the start and choose a personal trainer course with a difference..


    Why not choose a more convenient local Personal Training Course option?


    We are not likely your easiest option. Our Personal Trainer Courses are challenging. That said once students arrive here they stay here with everything on their door step returning 4 weeks (14 days for online) later fully certified and ready to go. Yes there are certainly more convenient ways to retrain. But if you are looking for value, security in your investment and want to avoid the pitfalls experienced by so many trainers, you know now what to do. The cost of choosing a lesser course may be greater than you think... SUMMARY Weigh up your options and work out where you ideally will be 2 years from now. Get excited about this place. Now decide what is the best possible way to get there. Now get started....Not every course is made equal.


    Not all Personal Trainers are made equal...


    Regardless of how you choose to train to qualify as a Personal Trainer here are 10 simple steps to increase your chance of success -


    1. Get a website and make sure you have a clear header that tells visitors what you do and why. Have a clear CTA (Call To Action) usually to either leave their details (in exchange for a great download you have written for them) or call you. And make sure your credentials are loud and proud - testimonials i.e. proof your product works...videos work great!


    2. Make sure you can deliver on what you promise and promise in a way that pushes your clients’ emotional buttons. In other words be a damn good PT (don’t take short cuts - then deliver on your promise) and make sure you understand your market (narrow your market so you can better understand them OR make sure your services are totally unique).


    3. Optimise your website using Google Places (for business) and follow simple guides (we have them available free) to list your site with free directories and be sure you use the description facility properly.


    4. Network and meet people. It doesn’t really matter who. Go to monthly business networking groups (most towns and cities have them) and swap business cards and stories with other business owners in the area. The idea isn’t to necessarily recruit these people as new clients but to get your company in front of their clients. You can use Facebook too but focus on person-to-person interaction first.


    5. Deliver seminars and webinars (Google Hangouts are free) to establish yourself as the go-to-PT in town. Learn to deliver well and be passionate about your product. Again don’t take short-cuts, you will get found out!


    6. Have a newsletter. You can send your newsletter via email to hundreds of businesses and private health practices for free. You can post it via your social media and you can print a few copies and distribute it around town. A newsletter establishes your credentials especially if you share success stories, are clear about your unique selling proposition and signpost what you do to who and why. This is very soft sales - nice!


    7. Be proud to be a Personal Trainer but perhaps call yourself a Fitness and Motivation Coach. Personal Trainers are motivating and exciting ‘facilitators of change’. They earn terrific money but aren’t in it for the money. They lead a healthy and relatively stress-free lifestyle and make a tremendous difference in peoples’ lives. Are you ready to become a great PT? Then become a great PT and stop procrastinating and choose your best route to becoming one, not the easiest route to qualify as one...


    8. Have a referral system and plan time each and every week to do marketing work. Yes enjoy being a trainer and focus on this aspect of the job but spend 1/2 a day every week at least working on your business not just in it. Work a full day-a-week on your business not just in it and grow a business that will provide you an income even when you are not working. ‘Nice’ just got better.


    9. Stand out. Just don’t be the same as everyone else. When you are, your only way to distinguish yourself will be on price and being cheaper is no way to go!


    10. Spend a little more now on getting qualified and learning your new discipline and save a great deal of time, money and sweat later when you are one.



    The modern-day PT must be a motivation and lifestyle coach. Your role is to influence behaviour when you are not around. Your role is as an exercise specialist and nutrition coach and the modern-day PT in a health professional. The job is much more than just supervising gym exercises but is about facilitating lasting change, training clients in a range of environments, using a range of delivery formats (one-on-one, small group, consultation, online, telephone-based).


    WHY BASIC REPS TRAINING WILL LEAVE YOU under-trained to do the job?


    Basic REPs 3 training is gym-based, does not focus on this lifestyle role, is limited to one-on-one training formats only and is little more than an extension of the gym instructor role.


    The focus is on theoretical knowledge only with multiple choice assessment and course work replacing real-life and applied experiences.



    When we look at annual industry reports from the US and Australia we see the industry moving into small group PT with group PT studios opening around the world and, with the advent of nutrition and lifestyle coaching, it is clear such an approach offers a more cost-effective solution for clients. Therefore, trends support the emerging role of the Personal Trainer outside of their traditional gym environment, but also within it, however,  in a freelance capacity. Online services too are becoming more recognised and when combined with face-to-face delivery can offer longer term solutions for clients with a focused 10 week challenge-style approach for example accumulating in an online membership and maintenance programme to support them thereafter.



    Increasingly members of the public are aware of how to work out, what to eat but can become overwhelmed with the amount of information available to them online. Therefore, increasingly fitter people do not need the services of a Personal Trainer, certainly not for ideas about how to train. Instead, Personal Trainers are reaching out to less fit clients offering increasingly more cost-effective and time-efficient solutions and, therefore, are becoming paramount in the fight against type 2 diabetes and obesity. Central to this fight is their capability in lifestyle change - this is the focus of our training at the European Institute of Fitness.


    What qualifications do I get with EIF?

    We deliver a tailored curriculum above and beyond the national standard (REPs level 3) but, of course, still provide exactly what you need to register and practise as a Personal Trainer. Where we differ from all other training providers is our EIF Master Trainer course goes way above this standard enabling those qualifying to stand out and feel much more competent and, of course, confident than other trainers.

    Our graduates gain their full Advanced Diploma in Personal Training including their Active IQ Level 3 award. They are awarded our EIF Master Trainer Certificate, become a certified ACSM Lifestyle-Fitness Coach and are certified as an EIF Exercise Specialist and Nutrition Coach.


    Where can I work after I graduate?

    Our courses are truly international and we have graduates in all of the following countries; Bahrain, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, China, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Brazil, USA, Canada, Italy, France, Monaco, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Finland, Portugal, Sweden, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Australia and of course all cross the UK.


    We are both REPs UK and eREPs (Europe) approved and with the introduction of ICREPS (International Confederation of Registered Exercise Professionals) offer access to other registers around the world such as REPS NZ (New Zealand) and Fitness Australia, for example. The only country requiring further qualification (and we can help with this too) is America. However, gaining a simple US PT qualification on top of your EIF Master Trainer award only takes a few hours study and £2-300 exam fees - we recommend ACSM as we work closely with them.


    What can I do after I graduate?

    Most of our graduates go on to run their own mobile or home-based PT business -training clients either outside or in their own homes. Many go on to open their own small PT studio with others combining the two. Some certainly work in a gym or health club chain and many travel with their qualifications. Some graduates work in a spa or hotel with a health club, others have travelled the world on a cruise ship. Some graduates have developed their own online PT business with others working in more corporate wellness. Some graduates set up and run their own BootCamps, others combine this with their Yoga or Massage or similar background, and still others create their own unique fitness and wellbeing centres or retreats. There are lots of opportunities and the industry is growing.


    What is the difference between the Master Trainer award and REPs levels of qualification and NVQs?

    OK, our EIF Master Trainer award takes Personal Training to a much higher level and is responsive to the changing nature of Personal Training in the UK with Lifestyle Coaching and Business incorporated as standard. Whilst the UK has been trialling a level 4 this has not taken off and indeed has been given away by many providers in an attempt to establish it, but to no avail. Level 4 is predominantly for use in a clinical setting where fitness instructors work in a hospital-gym environment working with cardiac rehabilitation patients, for example, or a diabetes ward with diabetics. This is not an extension of the role of the Personal Trainer but of the gym instructor and hence the name of this level - specialist instructor.


    We do not deliver level 4 as this is not personal training and all of our students wish to become exceptional and usually self-employed or freelance personal trainers. Level 4 specialist instructors are normally employed and often at a low wage in a leisure centre or hospital.

    Of course you can add level 4 to your EIF Master Trainer award and can do so for as little as £100-200 with a number of different providers. Finally, level 4 is case study based and takes many months of work once working in the industry. You will need to work for some time in the industry before starting any REPs 4 course and certainly is NOT something you walk away with after a taught course with any provider.


    What about NVQs?

    Becoming a successful Personal Trainer will require more than just a keen interest in fitness and no longer will passing a few work-based placements suffice to drive a successful and vibrant fitness business. Whilst NVQs or National Vocational Qualifications may get you an instructor job in fitness, our qualifications, like many of the other providers in the UK, fall under the heading VRQ, which is a Vocationally Recognised Qualification. The difference is simply that an NVQ can only be awarded following many months of ‘on-the-job’ training whereas a VRQ can be awarded following ‘simulated’ training. The work-based route is especially useful for anyone wishing to get started perhaps as a pool attendant working through to gym instructor and perhaps over time to personal trainer.


    The European Institute of Fitness does not follow an NVQ route but provides certification in a much quicker period of time. By assessing you in our in-house PT clinic and practical sessions as well as ongoing knowledge checks you end up with a blend of more academic (i.e. you know your stuff) and vocational (i.e. you are good at the job) training. We would therefore recommend a VRQ route. You can always, of course, complete an NVQ in the workplace after you finish with us. You would already have the qualification and can be assessed at a participating centre for a relatively small fee.


    Finally, many of our graduates steer away from the paid instructor scene, which is where most NVQs are directed and instead are more private sector-orientated opening their own PT studios and mobile PT businesses making VRQ rather than the slow and progressive NVQ option much more valuable. NVQs, VRQs and some university degrees will all gain you access to the European and UK REPs registers. The question is which best suits you – training and qualifying more quickly taught by industry professionals and educators to start earning sooner or not?


    If you are looking for a long-term career you must consider your choice of course carefully as this is what will launch your new career. A Physiotherapist, Chiropractor, Doctor and Massage Therapist all typically train to become professionals following taught courses not NVQs. The benefits of fully taught face-to-face or online live tutored courses are tremendous.


    What level of fitness do you need to attend the course?

    Whilst it is important to practice what you preach and therefore live an active and healthy lifestyle being muscle bound or having the perfect bikini body is NOT required. Far from it. Today many members of the public turning to Personal Trainers and Lifestyle Coaches can feel intimidated by fitness and can warm to trainers and coaches who are perhaps more “real” and approachable and preach wellness and happiness through fitness rather than body perfection with a no pain no gain mentality.


    What academic background do students have who do the course?

    We do NOT require any formal background in fitness or science. Our courses are designed to provide all the training and support our students’ need without prior qualification or related background. Of course if you have got a sport science background or already possess fitness qualifications this will hold you in good stead and enable you to really refine your knowledge and capability as a trainer. But for those who do not  -we offer pre-learning that can be accessed prior to the course to begin to bring you up to speed with basic anatomy and physiology for example and always offer additional tutorials and support during the course for those who need it.

    We provide a non-intimidating and supportive environment conducive to learning and are able to offer due to our set up as a small but supportive organisation the help our students need to change their careers and indeed their lives.


    What is the age limit to become a Personal Trainer?

    Our students come in all shapes and sizes and of a variety of different ages. Our youngest students are 18 (minimum age) and our oldest students have been in their sixties. Our online course attracts a slightly older student with many in their twenties/thirties and forties but often with one or two in their fifties and our residential courses have a slightly younger average age with many in their twenties and thirties but nearly always with students in their forties and again sometimes fifties.


    How does the online home study programme work?

    Our home study programme is like no other. Firstly, you are NOT just left to your own devices to struggle through a great big manual or library of DVDs. Our experience with home study courses before we launched our own home study programme more than 10 years ago was that most people just never reached the end, and when they did were either lacking in confidence to actually use their new qualification (and certainly inferior to those who studied full time). However, many potentially great personal trainers just can’t study full time. This is why we created a fully tutor-led format to actually teach home study students how to become a great PT.


    Our online format enables people to log into our Virtual Classroom each week and receive 4 hours of real-time tuition to properly engage with the material. Every live session is recorded in case people miss so they can easily catch up but when students are indeed able to attend live they can interact and ask questions in real time and so learn in a much more engaging way than on their own. Our online programme also offers the structure people need to stick with the pace and therefore gain their qualification quicker and so start training clients for money sooner.


    Our belief is also that one can’t truly qualify as a Personal Trainer without significant practical training. At the end of the day Personal Training is a practical-based discipline and therefore we require all home study students to attend an 14-day practical with us to really learn these skills.

    The residential nature of this intensive practical enables us to deliver a substantial amount of training offering a real life PT experience with members of the public and helps our home study students therefore qualify just as confident and competent as our full time students and therefore equally enjoy the benefits of being a sought after and reputable trainer.


    We couldn’t achieve this by replacing our intensive practical into weekends or evenings only, and feel our duty as a training provider is to absolutely ensure all students can be successful in their new chosen career once they graduate.


    What do I need to watch and participate in the online sessions?

    All you need is an internet connected PC or Mac or mobile device (iPad or Android) to watch the live sessions. Recorded sessions require a computer not a mobile device to replay i.e. a PC or Mac.


    What if I can’t make the intensive practical?

    Again, not a problem. You can sit any of the practical intensives we run throughout the year (four per year).


    What other more advanced courses can I do after the course?

    Firstly, our course is sufficiently inclusive and extensive that our students do NOT need to add on extra training or qualifications in the first instance. Far from it they are properly prepared to start earning and changing peoples’ lives immediately after they graduate. That said we do run two additional advanced courses in business and in coaching (lifestyle).


    How long has EIF been delivering courses in fitness?

    We have been delivering Personal Trainer courses since 2005 with our founder and tutor on our courses today, Darren Tebbenham, for a further 5 years prior to this.


    What are the assessments I have to complete to pass the course?

    Our assessments are ongoing and combine both written and practical assessments. There are 2 sets of multiple choice assessments and related portfolios (coursework) to gain your Active IQ and therefore REPs qualifications and then our EIF Master Trainer assessment (short answer and case study-based) with practical assessments to pick up your full EIF Master Trainer award.


    Will I cope with the intensity?

    Although the course is intense, the applied nature of the delivery helps students digest the material quickly. There are plenty of tutorials and the environment facilitates group revision and plenty of opportunity to relax and digest all information provided. A range of teaching and learning techniques are used to ensure no student is left behind with all delivery being practical-based.


    What is student PT clinic?

    Student PT clinic is the European Institute of Fitness’ unique facility to provide every student ample opportunity to refine their skills with paying members of the public helping build the confidence they will need once they graduate.


    What is wrong with choosing a cheaper provider?

    Cheaper options simply won’t prepare you with any experience with members of the public, don’t have a strong lifestyle coaching element running throughout the course, don’t always offer PT box or TRX and Swiss ball training, certainly don’t have small group PT and specific populations included as standard and don’t have the business training we do - not only during the course but during your first 12 months after graduation. We can only provide all of this because of the residential nature of our training.


    Why don’t other providers offer residential courses?

    To run a residential school requires a great deal more effort, expertise and commitment than running courses from a local health club with a nearby classroom. That’s not to say all such courses are poor, they just don’t offer what we can offer by bringing people away from distractions, immersing them in an experience as we do.

    With many providers delivering training from between 10 and 30 centres and therefore graduating more than 2000 students a year each - the risk is also that you become just another REPs 3 trainer with the exact same qualification as every other student graduating from such organisations.


    Our own specialised course curriculum has developed over many years and veered away from the traditional instructor-orientated courses commonplace across the UK and, instead, we offer a unique and PT-specific curriculum that includes REPs 3 but reaches out way above this level. We are able to accomplish this by running just a single PT school in the UK and optimising students learning by being residential.


    Why don’t other providers run a PT clinic?

    Again, if one’s focus is on training the masses then creating something like PT clinic, that takes a lot of administration, organisation and therefore effort, just doesn’t become a viable option for other organisations.


    What topics will I study on the course?

    You will study the foundation of human movement and the psychology of behaviour change including applied anatomy and physiology, motivation and lifestyle change and, of course, fundamental form and technique and instructional skills to teach people how to exercise correctly.


    We then layer on key advanced content relevant to the modern-day PT such as postural retraining and corrective exercise, functional training, sport and rehabilitation, how to train specific populations such as diabetics, older adults, people with back problems, arthritis and with high blood pressure. We teach you how to work with pregnant women and how to help them back into fitness after they have given birth. We cover core stability training, myofascial release (foam rolling) and a whole range of practical skills such as TRX training, Swiss ball training, mobile and outdoor PT, PT box, spotting techniques, alternative overload techniques such as supersets, drop sets and eccentrics and much more before then layering in nutrition.


    When we cover nutrition we look also at the science of accelerated fat loss, hormones and metabolism and deliver such science via our nutrition coaching model helping students integrate nutrition with lifestyle change.


    Our lifestyle coaching training teaches students how to deliver professional consultations and coaching sessions with clients, begin to build an online or between-session client management programme into their business and moves students towards thinking about the importance of ensuring they create products and packages that are both time-efficient and cost effective. Finally, we also cover PT business as standard.


    What is covered in business?

    Our business training ensures students know exactly what to do in relation getting registered and insured and then busy with clients. We cover marketing and website development, sales, client management and business growth. We look at how to get the most out of social media, auto-email campaigns, product development and packaging and work with you to create your mini-business plan before you leave however large or small.


    What support will I get afterwards?

    All graduates gain access to our private Facebook group to network and get support from other EIF Master Trainer graduates. You get access to a range of materials such as health appraisal forms, programme cards, food diaries and 64 pre-prepared recipes handouts for your clients. Graduates can attend our complimentary online business seminar programme, gain access to previously recorded webinars and can call in and ask for help at any point.


    What if I can’t afford the course?

    Although we may be able to help to spread payment if booking in advance, we do not offer any finance packages. Most students taking out finance options to fund their training or even government initiatives often find themselves studying with far too many other trainers and then qualified with the exact qualification as eveyone else unable to find work. Instead, we suggest taking a personal loan and then ensuring you pick a course that qualifies you quickly, thoroughly and one that focuses on your ability to earn not just learn so that your investment pays dividends in the end. Going for the “easy” options rarely works out.


    What if I have other questions?

    If you have further questions, and you probably do, we advise making an appointment with one of our team to get that all-important straight-talking guidance you probably need to make a truly informed decision about your future.


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Internationally recognised. We have graduates in France, Italy and Spain; in Japan, China, Hong Kong and Singapore. We have graduates in Canada, the United States, Brazil and South Africa; in Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, Bahrain and of course throughout the UK.


A reputation for quality having shaped careers in fitness since 2005 offering the most comprehensive and practical-based course on the market, our graduates stand out in an increasingly competitive industry.


A unique approach adopting a total immersion approach to getting qualified as well as an online home-study programme with a difference.


Fully accredited courses. UK, European and US accredited and endorsed training

International PT qualification
REPs level 3 PT
ELCAS funding
Pt business
REPs level 4
UK fitness qualifications
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Pound for pound the best value course on the market


Online PT course UK
Fast track PT course uk


How to become a personal trainer fast



We offer two ways to get qualified and set up as a freelance Personal Trainer and specialist Lifestyle-Fitness Coach -

Online home study for 10 weeks and then attend our residential school for 2 weeks

Full Immersion studying for 4 weeks full time at our residential school

Whether you are changing careers or hoping to establish yourself as a sought-after fitness professional as your first career, we offer an alternative to traditional ways of qualifying as an ordinary Personal Trainer...One this is for sure, our personal trainer course are different.

EIFitness PT courses

Fast-Track Career Transition specialists


Turn your passion for fitness into a sustainable career as a freelance PT and Lifestyle-Fitness Coach.


If you want to stand out, not fit it, and accelerate both your learning and earning power, we offer a practical-based course incorporating a real-life PT experience, comprehensive business training and a lifestyle coaching approach to bring personal training firmly into the 21st Century.


Eat, sleep & breathe Personal Training and embrace the essence of how to transform peoples' lives through fitness!

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We help people believe, in themselves, in others, and in what they do.

We help to shape attitudes, to be positive and infectious.

And by providing a stimulating and supportive environment, instil a sense of discipline for people to achieve their dreams.

We touch the lives of every student...and in turn empower them to touch thousands more.

And by encouraging students to explore their passions and test their limits they discover their true purpose.

Our Core Values...

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"Passing" to get a qualification is not the goal. The objective is to establish yourself as a freelance PT and lifestyle coach earning great money, doing something you love for a job making a genuine difference in peoples' lives. Here's what our graduates are up to several years on.

Success as a personal trainer

Are you ready to stand out, or will you choose just to fit in?

Do you want to be the best?

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With us you are not just a number but a valued student and graduate we know we will be proud of. Our Residential School is designed to get you away from distractions to return ready to excel. Find out more how to be a personal trainer here.

The beautiful Bryn Tanat Hall is set away from distractions offering a comfortable and private setting for people to relax and enjoy their training.

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EIF Master Trainers qualify with the Belief, Attitude and Discipline to stand out. They understand, in order to achieve more, they have to be more.

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With five-star self-catering facilities, as well as a simple lunch, provided each day, you can relax in the evenings to cook, study, relax in the hot tub, play a set of tennis or take a run in the beautiful surrounds.

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Only EIF offers a residential experience to eat, sleep and breathe PT.

Only EIF offers a unique PT clinic to pick up invaluable real-life experience before you graduate. And only EIF offers a bespoke PT curriculum fit for the 21st Century PT with lifestyle coaching at its heart, business integrated throughout the course and everything you need to hit the ground running once you graduate. We realise we are not your cheapest option and likely not your most convenient. But we believe we are your best chance of success.



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We are committed to helping the small amount of trainers we teach, make a big impact in the lives of others.

We make training with EIF an experience.

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