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Our Residential PT School

Our exclusive School is located at the family run Bryn Tanat Hall set on the Shropshire-Welsh border. The idyllic setting provides the perfect place to feel comfortable and relaxed to master your new chosen profession.

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This idyllic setting offers the perfect setting to eat, sleep and breathe personal training. You have complete and exclusive access to this absolutely beautiful retreat-style facility including private gym solely for our students use so you can immerse yourself in personal training 24/7...

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Residential School: Accommodation included. Everything under one roof!


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Founder Darren Tebbenham holds an undergraduate degree in sport and exercise science and a masters degree in sport psychology; he was previously a lecturer at the University of Liverpool quitting his PhD to become a personal trainer in 1999. Darren has since worked all around the world as a trainer with thousands of hours of experience including many in clinical settings. He spent 4 years in Australia where he worked at Vision Personal Training, today a $40 million a year business and one of the largest PT studio chains in the world.


Our Master Trainer program offers the only bespoke course curriculum in the UK tailored to the modern-day PT, combining the traditional fitness and nutrition aspects of being a personal trainer with the psychology and coaching elements and the all-important business skills of being a 21st Century fitness and lifestyle professional.

Gareth Connell

Gareth Connell, Course Coach.

Gareth has run two fitness studios, is as an experienced PT and massage therapist with a variety of experiences in both clinical and sports settings.

Allison Harding

Allison Harding, Course Coach.

Allison owns and runs a £100,000+ a year fitness business Zig Zag Women's Fitness and Motivation and has more than 3 decades of experience working both in the UK and overseas .

Vicky Cook

Vicky Cook, Course Coach.

Vicky is a sports science graduate, runs her own online hockey conditioning business alongside her role as PT and small group fitness coach in Stratford-Upon-Avon.



International School of Personal Training since 2005


Our bespoke curriculum is tailored to the modern-day Personal Trainer and offers an alternative to traditional "ordinary" personal training courses. There are cheaper and easier ways to get qualified - but our students don't just want a piece of paper saying "qualified"; they want to stand out as a modern-day freelance fitness professional.

Our training offers a rich blend of practical-based personal trainer training with the increasingly popular life coaching skill set that today's personal trainer requires to best help their clients make permanent lifestyle change.

Unique Personal Trainer courses to stand out
Residential Personal Trainer courses


Unique opportunity to leave 100% confident with 10-20 hours of real-life PT experience already under your belt.

Develop confidence training members of the public for real before you graduate.

How to become a personal trainer and excel
PT clinic
Online fitness courses
Unique PT Fitness clinic
Practical personal trainer course


Unique hands-on approach to help students learn quicker.

Our own private studio / gym exclusively for our students with 24/7 access and therefore the most practical way possible to qualify as a personal trainer.


Become a freelance or self-employed fitness trainer with confidence. Leave with a business plan, clear strategy and business skills ready to earn the very next day.

Everything from website development to how to manage your finances including product development, marketing and business set up and growth.

Personal Training studio business
Walking personal trainer business
International personal training business
Outdoor Personal Training business Two Personal Training Studios
Womens' Personal Training weight loss business
Online PT business
Overseas personal trainer business
Bootcamp business Online and Studio Personal Training career PT studio


Lifestyle coaching to help you assure your clients the best possible results.

100% Ready to earn as a personal trainer and nutrition coach.

Learn how to manage lifestyle change and coach a winning mindset.

Bridging the gap between life coach and personal trainer.

Coaching and personal training courses
Everything we do is designed to give our graduates the very best opportunity to thrive after their time with us


We do NOT run a standard REPs curriculum. Unlike any other training provider in the UK, we created our own based on years of experience in the field, thousands of hours of PT experience around the world and then gained REPs recognition as an afterthought. This makes all the difference.

We do NOT provide a basic gym instructor / personal trainer program. Instead, we provide training in the following areas:

Covering how to deliver partner and small group training, grow a small group PT business such as ZigZag Women’s Fitness & Motivation and stand out in the market place.


Affordable and personal group training

Covering mobile and outdoor PT, studio ownership, gym training, online PT, boxing and pad work, spotting and client care and advanced coaching and communication skills for personal trainers.


Practical-based delivery


We deliver a fun sports day covering common fitness testing drills and assessments, consider how to train more athletic clients including but not limited to golf, tennis, team sports and running.

Sports training and testing

Sports day

Including how to identify and correct common pelvic tilts, people with rounded shoulders, muscle imbalances and poor form and technique. We include foam rolling, mobility drills, specific tailored programs for different postural problems and a lower back care workshop to develop confidence if delivering such training.


Foam rolling, mobility drills
and corrective exercise

We cover all areas of level 4 as part of our Master Trainer program. This includes how to train clients with diabetes, who are obese and overweight, who suffer from arthritis, osteoporosis, have an existing heart condition or high blood pressure, are or have been pregnant, are younger or who have had an injury. We do this because it is essential ALL new personal trainers can confidently manage ALL clients who approach them, whether to train them or know when and how best refer to allied health professionals. Note we do not issue L4, however offer the training and insurance to cover you in all these conditions. You can add L4 if you so choose for as little as £100 or so, from any one of a number of providers (indeed who offer it for free). However, please note this can take commonly 12-24 months from graduating with your L3 regardless of your route. L4 is NOT something you can walk away with immediately following a training course.



Specific populations
and clinical exercise

Diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, arthritis,

osteoporosis, pregnancy, adolescents,

older adults and back care



Covering not just basic national healthy eating guidelines but how to specialise and establish yourself as the go-to weight management specialist in your area. We cover accelerated fat loss, hormones, metabolism and nutrition coaching as well as take you to the supermarket to teach you how to deliver a supermarket tour; we show you the latest technologies for assessing body composition and use simple nutrition tools to help manage clients’ behaviours and so create lasting solutions and lifestyle change.




Accelerated fat loss and nutrition coaching

Our signature module is that of lifestyle coaching. This is founder Darren Tebbenham’s not-so-secret passion for personal trainers to do well. Here you will learn about mindset and how to coach mindsets that better support people to change, behaviour management, coaching skills, coaching tools and how to apply principles of the Chimp Paradox, Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioural Theory and Personal Centred Counselling to your role as a personal trainer.

Lifestyle Coaching

The Chimp Paradox meets Motivational Interviewing:

helping coach a better mindset and manage behaviour change


Finally, our strength is in ensuring our students graduate ready to earn! We cover everything from finance and accounts to website development and social media ads campaigns. We also cover off-line marketing, client management and referral and business development, so that whether you leave to establish yourself in a gym, as a freelance mobile or outdoor PT, as a specialist weight management coach, as an online coach or personal trainer, as a fitness challenge specialist, corporate fitness professional, a studio owner or conditioning coach, you will leave with the skills and confidence to differentiate yourself from the masses and start your new career in the best possible way.  And when your training finishes, it is not the end. We provide the after-care and upgrade business training when you need it to ensure you are not alone as you launch your new career.

Fitness Business

How to set up, market and earn as a fitness professional

The European Institute of Fitness offers an alternative approach.

The fitness and weight loss industries leave much to be desired in terms of lasting consumer results. We have way too many qualifying Personal Trainers fighting for lowly paid “gym jobs” and far too many members of the public struggling to lose weight, get fit and enjoy a healthy and happy lifestyle. This is despite there being more gyms, cheaper memberships, more trainers and more nutrition information more readily available than ever in our history! This is how we make a difference -

Our Online Home Study program is unlike any other! You study every week with your tutors and other students in a LIVE and interactive virtual classroom to properly learn about the human form, how it adapts to training, how to train different types of clients safely and how to guide nutritional choices effectively. You will learn about motivational theory and apply what you learn constantly to real life scenarios. Following 10 weeks of intensive online study, you will attend a 2-week residential to complete the practical training required to become an effective and highly skilled as well as confident Personal Trainer. You will complete all assessments during this time also and qualify as a L3 Personal Trainer but with much more than just a L3 award. You will be granted your Master Trainer, Master Coach and Business Mastery awards including Active IQ Diploma in Personal Training, our ACSM endorsed Fitness & Nutrition Coach award and ILM approved business training. 
(L4 also available] Alternatively, you can study full time completing the same program over a 
4-week residential stay. All training and full accommodation throughout the practical training is included in the investment. ALL students will experience our unique PT clinic to gain real life experience with paying members of the public. Mostly what distinguishes EiF graduates from ANY other is that the superior investment, superior training and subsequent superior level of both competence and confidence means our students enjoy a much higher chance of lasting success than any other!


Clear, confident and certain about yourself & your ability to transform lives through fitness.


An ability to motivate and influence behaviours when you are not around.


Proven skills across a range of fitness and nutrition aspects of being a great PT.


You will need to feel excited, 100% confident, ready to get stuck into your new career.




Our internationally recognised and bespoke course curriculum offers a triple honours diploma in fitness, business and coaching helping students set themselves apart from other personal trainers right from the start.


Boxing, gym-based, outdoor, mobile and online coaching including how to correct poor form and faulty posture, program for specific medical conditions, create functional, sport and rehabilitation programs and more...


Master Trainer

To deliver partner and small group training sessions, coaching small groups through nutritional change, manage clients behind the scenes and offer cost-effective, fun ways to enjoy fitness.


Master Coach

To assess body composition, to deliver a supermarket tour, provide recipe ideas, coaching consultations and guidance on macros, supplements and how best to accelerated fat loss...


Business Mastery

To understand how to motivate and influence lasting behaviour change, manage clients via comprehensive client management systems and ensure every client takes back control of their health, weight and fitness for good.




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