More than just qualified...

How to qualify as a personal trainer

If you want to become a personal trainer, you will need to be qualified, insured and highly competent and, indeed confident, to stand out from other qualified personal trainers.


With as many as 10-20,000 people every year in the UK alone gaining their personal trainer qualifications there has never been a great need to differentiate yourself. Most personal training courses are designed to qualify someone to work in a traditional club setting. The offer what is called a level 2 gym instructor course and then a level 3 personal trainer add-on to enable someone to induct new members when they join a club, hopefully up-sell them into personal training and charge by the hour to earn money above their basic retainer.


The thing is this is very old-school, and is NOT how successful personal trainers around the world today operate.


Selling personal training by the hour is not the way. Instead, more successful personal trainers create packages or solutions for their target market incorporating the right amount of motivational support, nutritional guidance and, of course, training to get a desired result.


Successful trainers don't just resign themselves to working in a club. They offer supermarket tours in their local supermarket, train people outdoors when the weather is good and will visit clients in their own homes to offer a mobile PT service.


Today's personal trainers run small group PT sessions, nutritional coaching consultations, assess body composition analysis, provide structured nutrition programs and take becoming a personal trainer more seriously than just getting qualified as one.


Whilst all you need is your level 3 personal trainer award, this level is both low and common. Instead, you might consider a more international qualification-set with your ACSM Fitness & Nutrition Coach award as well as your ILM business training. You might like to take out our £5 million insurance policy with our partner NRPT to ensure you are qualified to train clients with diabetes, arthritis, heart problems, who are pregnant, obese, suffer from low back pain, osteoporosis or indeed are older than the average client. Today, this is part and parcel of being a successful personal trainer.


You might like to have your Exercise Specialist certificate and be able to identify and correct common postural problems, use a foam roller and work in sports and rehab not just weight loss and body conditioning....the opportunities are endless.


The big thing is is gain something different from the masses. Make sure you are confidently trained not just taught to pass assessments and learn the real profession - the exercise, nutrition and behavioural change elements of being a great professional.


Our courses are practical-based by virtue we have our own in-house PT studio, are residential away from distractions and






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